Debra Tice, the mother of detained journalist Austin Tice, held a news conference on Jan. 27, 2020 at the National Press Club to provide an update and to be part of the announcement of the second annual Night Out For Austin Tice, a national awareness campaign.

Family Of Detained Journalist Austin Tice Has ‘No Doubt’ He’s Still Alive | NBC Nightly News

Austin’s parents were featured in a NBC Nightly News piece on May 3, 2019 – World Press Freedom Day. Lester Holt talked to them about their hopes for Austin’s return and how press freedom plays a role in their story. Watch it below.

April 30 Press Conference

Updates and other news about the upcoming NIGHT OUT FOR AUSTIN TICE – May 2, 2019. Watch it here live, starting at 1pm, April 30.

NIGHT OUT featured on FOX5 DC’s “On the Hill”

FOX5 DC’s Tom Fitzgerald talks to National Press Club Executive Director Bill McCarren about NIGHT OUT FOR AUSTIN TICE. Watch below.

April 5 NPC Press Briefing

The National Press Club and it’s Free Austin Tice Coalition partners were joined by Marc and Debra Tice, Austin Tice’s parents, for a special press briefing on April 5, 2019 to discuss the progress of NIGHT OUT FOR AUSTIN TICE. Watch the video above.